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Why MSSI puts the sMACk down on turnstile competition in NYC 
Is your organization being challenged with the New York City Local Law 196 project requirements and regulations? Does your team feel trapped by limited options to ensure all laborers are officially safety trained, up to code, OSHA compliant (10 and/or 30 hours), and approved for their SST cards prior to being allowed onto the project site? Many customers have been reaching out to us here at MSSI with these exact same concerns via phone calls, emails, social media requests, and our website 

One of the most common questions we encounter is along the lines of “Why is Modular Security Systems Inc. the industry leader in assisting with NYC Local Law 196?” Our innovative and patented MAC Portal products ensure that safety is the priority via our perimeter security access control engineered turn-key solutions. Utilizing high quality products, the latest technologies, the best partnerships for tracking and reporting options, and the best customer service available are just a few of the things that help answer to the question, “Why MSSI?”
MSSI is here to partner with your organization to mitigate/eliminate risk and liability, assisting you in complying with Local Law 196 to avoid hefty fines, but most importantly to allow you to focus on all the other tasks at hand. Reach out to us for your perimeter security access control engineered solution option needs today. Come see the MSSI difference for yourself!
For more information on the patented MAC Portal and how MSSI can help you comply with Local Law 196 CONTACT US HERE or call KJ Williams at 740.532.7822 or email him at
About MSSI: Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) is a Portable Solutions Group Company. MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with expertise in designing and manufacturing unique solutions to address ever-changing worldwide security issues. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit and large public events. 
MSSI, patented MAC Portal, Modular Security Systems Inc, Local Law 196, NYC Local Law 196    
Why MSSI is the industry leader in assisting with NYC Local Law 196