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Why do construction sites need perimeter security?

So, why do construction sites need perimeter security? The short answer is theft and vandalism. Theft of tools and equipment and the cost associated with vandalism adds up to billions of lost dollars each year for the construction industry. Fortunately for construction sites, there are a multitude of layers of protection available. With the right plan in place construction professionals can deploy a multifaceted solution, combining various types of construction site security elements to keep their sites safe and secure for their people and their bottom line.

A wide range of perimeter security solutions are available:

Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns for construction management firms and the industry as a whole. Thankfully the theft and vandalism that cost the industry billions of dollars each year can be significantly reduced through the use of fences, signage, locking gates like turnstiles, inventory tracking and access control technologies.

While fences and appropriate signage may seem to you a basic construction site security measure, some construction site managers don’t always use fences and and signs to keep their site secure. Without a fence or signs to ward off intruders, these sites are easy targets for theft or vandalism. At the very minimum, having a professional fence installed and appropriate signs hung can go a long way towards warding off unwanted intruders.

Ideally, when you have a fence you should also have effective gates for the entrance and egress of authorized individuals to access the project perimeter. Beyond basic fence gates with locks and keys, turnstiles with key-cards, RFID, proximity cards, facial recognition scanners, hand geometry readers, and even IRIS scanners, access control technology integration can improve your site’s security even more. Turnstiles with access control technology, with or without a climate-controlled guard office, can take the security of your construction site to a whole new level. 

Regardless of the level of security your site requires, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) and our line of professional security specialists will be there to help you meet your site-specific needs and keep your project both safe for your workers and secure from thieves and vandals. 

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