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Access Control Turnstiles, Vehicle Gates, and Perimeter Security

Well thought out perimeter security solutions take every facet of a facility or construction project into consideration. They don’t give criminals an “easy out” to rob tools and equipment, or to steal time, or give them any advantage or an easy approach. The easiest way to accomplish perimeter security solution concerns is to clearly delineate between public space versus private space found on construction projects, and to control all entrances and exits to said projects. There should be no grey areas. Workers and visitors alike should be guided—both visually and physically—to where they are authorized in and around the jobsite.

Entrances and exits to construction sites along with fencing, lighting, vehicle gates, guard houses, and access control technology should be put in place to control pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow. 

Given the increase in construction site theft at major industrial and commercial construction projects, many companies are seeking a higher level of security. Vehicle gates are meant to do more than simply restrict vehicle access to a construction site; they can also be used to protect tools and equipment from easily being stolen. The same goes for turnstiles; pedestrians can easily walk away with mission critical tools and equipment when proper security measures aren't taken into consideration. 

For paths where certain vehicles need to enter for deliveries of building materials, but most visitor access must be restricted, removable vehicle access control gates can be an option; left in place, they will deter vehicles from entering the project, but they can easily be moved to enable deliveries to a site.

Over the past few years MSSI has built a wide range of these Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals. These VACs take the same concept of portable perimeter security as the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals MSSI is known for, and apply it to vehicle traffic into and out of job sites. The VAC Portal incorporates vehicle barrier gates, guard houses, and access control technology into a fully functional, turn-key, portable perimeter security solution for vehicles. Working with customers around the world, MSSI has helped provide added security and functionality to insure the security of job sites with regards to vehicle access.

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