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Turn-Key Perimeter Turnstiles for Access Control by MSSI

Turnstiles are the most reliable way to control foot traffic and pedestrian access to any particular site or location. Whether entering or exiting a commercial or industrial construction site, foot traffic needs to be controlled, and the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal offers full-height high security turnstiles in a turn-key, fence-line ready, deliverable solution. 

Full-height turnstiles
Our full-height turnstile solutions can control entry and egress 24/7
, 365 days per year with or without a guard onsite. Our patented MAC Portal can keep unauthorized people out and at the same time provide access to authorized individuals to easily enter your site. Paired with a site-specific access control technology, the MAC Portal can even provide reporting capabilities and act as a time-clock for payroll purposes.

Various options, complete with or without climate-controlled guard offices, can add an extra level of security when and where security staff is needed. 

The patented MAC Portals with turnstiles are highly durable and weather-resistant due to the high quality materials, sturdy steel construction, and engineering and design standards they are built to. We offer our patented MAC Portal for sale or rent. Don't forget to ask about our rental rates!

For more information on the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal CONTACT US via our online form submission.