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Top 3 Perimeter Security Solutions for Your Construction Site

Perimeter security is a critical component for industrial and commercial construction projects to be successful, finish on-time, and finish under budget. One of the most cost-effective ways to assure your construction projects are completed on time and on budget is through the use of a high-quality perimeter security solution.

Due to the highly critical nature and value of perimeter security solutions on construction sites, we'd like to use this week’s Turnstile Blog to illustrate the top three most cost-effective security solutions to secure your construction sites while allowing easy entry for authorized individuals to enter and exit your site.

1) Turnstiles like those found in the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal.

When you want to keep the wrong people out and allow the right people in, a turnstile is the best solution. Highly customizable with a wide range of options and available lanes, a turnstile should be a part of your security infrastructure where foot traffic will be present.

2) Vehicle Barrier Gates

Vehicle barrier gates like turnstiles work as deterrents for intruders in vehicles but allow easy access for deliveries and shipments to enter your jobsite. The patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal is the perfect solution for incorporating vehicle barrier arms/gates into your perimeter security plan. 

3) Access Control Technology

Access control technology in the form of hardware and software are the perfect add-on to any perimeter security solution. Perfect for security as well as reporting and time-keeping, some access control technologies can also work with payroll functions.

Did you know that roughly, $300 million to $1 billion in equipment is stolen from commercial and industrial construction sites every year in the United States? The cost of implementing a perimeter security solution can be dwarfed by the loss of man-hours, time, tools, and equipment on an unsecure construction project. 

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) is at the forefront of portable perimeter security solutions using a wide range of access control technology and shipping container modifications. For more information on MSSI and all of our access control options, CONTACT US HERE or call at 740.532.7822.