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The Top 10 for Construction Site Perimeter Security

When it comes to protecting the perimeter of your construction site, your construction equipment, and workers while on the job, it’s important to make site security a priority. While every jobsite and construction project is unique with its own set of risks, there are some basic security practices you can implement to help prevent major crime, losses, and keep your project on time and under budget.

This week at the Turnstile Blog we'd like to offer the Top 10 for construction site perimeter security:

1) Plan, create, and implement a well written security plan for the project.

2) Fence in the perimeter.

3) Provide parking outside the perimeter for workers.

4) Create an entry/egress location for workers/authorized individuals.

5) Create an access point for vehicles/deliveries onto the site.

6) Provide limited access to the site at all times, preferably with lockable turnstiles.

7) Utilize an access control technology for security purposes.

8) Make sure your site is well lit 24/7.

9) Consider CCTV on the project and around the perimeter. 

10) Stick to the plan.

By sticking to these Top 10 construction site perimeter security recommendations you can be assured that your project will be protected and the project can be completed on time and under budget. 

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has installed a wide range of portable perimeter security solutions for customers on construction sites around the world. Utilizing access control technologies, turnstiles, vehicle barrier gates, and climate-controlled guard offices like the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal, we have helped our customers secure their jobsites.

Our in-house team of security specialists can work with you to design the perfect turn-key solution for your site-specific needs. 

For more information on perimeter security and how Modular Security Systems Inc. can help you secure your site, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822.