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The Patented MAC Portal Helps Contractors Comply with Local Law 196
Modular Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) has recently been barraged with calls and internet traffic from customers in New York City regarding an easy solution to make sure they are in compliance with Local Law 196. The law requires that all workers on construction sites receive 40 hours of safety training, and supervisors receive 62 hours of safety training before they are authorized to work on a site.
Contractors that do not comply with the law can be penalized $5,000 per untrained worker and can get hit with a $2500 fine if they do not keep a log or track the safety training of their employees. Contractors that have been found non-compliant are also subject to future, unannounced inspections. 


The prefabricated building used as a guard booth or guard house is no new product and having been in use for the past 50-plus years, is fairly ubiquitous throughout construction plant sites across the US and around the world. Though the guardhouse is no new invention, the prefabricated building guard house including access control turnstiles [the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal] is becoming a staple on construction sites.

The patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal integrated with access control technology helps contractors in New York and around the world by making sure that only workers with up-to-date safety training are granted access to a secure construction site. Any time an employee completes a required safety training, that information can be recorded and added to their individual credentials. With the click of a mouse and the right MAC Portal with the right access control technology infrastructure, contractors can assure that only employees who are properly trained can enter the site. 

Rob Slagel,  President of Modular Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) has this to say about the new invention, “Our MAC Portals including turnstiles integrated with access control technology revolutionized perimeter security on construction sites. The MAC Portal makes it easy for contractors in NYC to get a turn-key portable security solution that makes it easy for them to make sure they are in compliance with Local Law 196.”

MSSI is at the forefront of portable perimeter security solutions and has helped contractors around the world comply with a number of rules, regulations, and laws. 

More information on the patented MAC Portal and how MSSI can help you comply with Local Law 196 CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.