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When it comes to keeping your people and your profits safe and secure, nothing is safer or more secure than a ground-level office built out of 16 guage corten steel. The creator of the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) is pleased to present the all new 8' X 20' modular guard office. Modular guard offices built from ISO shipping containers have become more and more popular over the past few decades. For customers who need a quickly mobilized solution that offers easy setup and turn-key installation, a modular guard office is the perfect solution. Shipping container modifications built into modular guard offices, guard booths, and guard houses come in a wide range of sizes with a number of floor plan configurations.

Did you know we could even include a restroom into some floor plans?

MSSI offers a wide range of designs that are pre-engineered, constructed, and manufactured at our 50,000 sq ft facility in Wurtland, KY. Delivered directly to your site, the modular guard offices we manufacture can be put into use within minutes of arrival. Our ground-level guard offices can be used for a wide range of applications including ticket booths, scale houses, kiosks, guard checkpoints, parking attendant shelters, security offices, guard booths, observation, and airport locations.

They've even been used for bus stops in cold weather climates!

Although our standard products are blue in color, we also offer custom options that could include a wide range of exterior finishings and colors. Our modular guard booths can also come in a variety of colors.  The portable guard booths from MSSI can be designed to blend well in most any setting. 

From small guard booths to larger guard houses, many different sizes and floor plans are available. 

Some of our most common floorplans are displayed here at; however we do offer alternative dimensions as well.

For more information and pricing for our modular guard offices CONTACT US HERE or call us now at 740.532.7822.

In addition to creating these custom portable guard booths, guard shacks, and guard offices, MSSI offers a standard and custom line of patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals and our patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals

MSSI is an Ohio-based intellectual properties holding company with an expertise in engineering, designing, and manufacturing unique portable security solutions to meet the ever-changing security needs of our customers. 

MSSI is providing modular, turnkey, perimeter security solutions for a sustainable, safe, and more secure world.