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Rent a Patented MAC Portal and the All New MAC Lite from MSSI

Recently, MSSI has begun renting two "MAC-Lite" models of our patented MAC Portal. Complete with either 1 or 2 turnstile lanes, access control technology, and a slimmed-down, lightweight design, the new MAC-Lite is making waves in the commercial construction industry. This new line of MAC-Lite patented MAC Portals has already begun to save major commercial construction customers time and money in New York City, where Local Law 196 has mandated safety training guidelines for workers on construction sites.

Combined with the proper access control technology, contractors in New York City have used the MAC-Lite to track employees’ training certifications and set parameters to guarantee compliance with the new law. 

The patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal is a prefabricated, climate-controlled guard office with turnstiles, optional access control technology packages, and it is for rent on your next construction project. The patented MAC Portal has already made a huge impact for security construction professionals on industrial and commercial projects around the world. By developing partnerships with a number of access control technology providers as well as turnstile manufacturers, MSSI and the patented MAC Portal have become flexible in terms of design and implementation for our customers.

Collaborating with our customers on their site-specific security needs, MSSI has been able to create a standard fleet of patented MAC Portal rental units ranging in sizes from one turnstile lane up to six turnstile lanes in a single unit. After years of working with major players in the construction industry, this standard line of MAC Portal rental units has significantly increased site security on some of biggest commercial construction projects in the U.S. and around the world.

We take our commercial construction customers’ specifications in mind, implement them into the design process, and streamline the entire rental process. Patented MAC Portals can now be found in almost every major U.S. city. 

For more information on renting the all new MAC-Lite or a patented MAC Portal, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822.