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Portable Turnstiles in a Guard House for Perimeter Security

The patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with turnstiles and access control in a guard house is highly durable and weather-resistant due to the high-quality materials, sturdy steel construction, and engineering and design standards from which they are constructed.

Our turn-key units are delivered and onsite installation can be completed quickly. The MAC Portal can easily be offloaded, hooked to power, integrated into an existing access control infrastructure, or act as a standalone system for payroll and time-keeping purposes. It's simple. That's all it takes, and the MAC Portal is up and running protecting the perimeter of our customers’ sites. The portability and ease of installation make the patented MAC Portal the perfect solution for a wide range of perimeters. 

Did you know that we offer our patented MAC Portals for sale or rent?

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