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Portable Perimeter Vehicle Access Control Gates from MSSI

The strength and flexibility of custom options and the ease of installation make our patented VAC Portals a vital but easily attainable perimeter security solutions. The utilization of the patented VAC Portal can quickly and effectively improve on-site perimeter security.

Vehicle gates like our patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal are common at many secure facilities around the world. Security gates are used in a wide range of industries including defense contracting, military, government installations, airports, ports, and commercial facilities. On any premises where vehicle access needs to be regulated, the presence of a vehicle gate ensures that only authorized vehicles and people are allowed inside.

Over the past 10 years, MSSI has built VAC Portals with vehicle gates ranging in many different sizes and combined with climate-controlled guard spaces. In the past, our customers have opted for climate-controlled guard houses from 4' (width) x 6' (length) up to 8' (width) x 40' (length). For some customers in more extreme, hotter climates, we also offer solar panel packages as their power source for their patented VAC Portal.

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