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Perimeter Security with Turnstiles, Access Control and Guard Offices

Since the early days of man, perimeter security could be as simple as natural barriers like mountains, hills, and tree lines. Today, more advanced chain-link fences, concrete walls, and restrictive gates that require authorized credentials to pass have become the norm. Sophisticated technologies that are meant to keep intruders out and prevent access to certain protected areas are more common in today's perimeter security world. Contained within those perimeters and protected gates – whether by natural barriers or more technologically advanced fences, walls, and gates – are buildings, complexes, and construction areas.

Since the Roman Empire and the building of the Great Wall of China barriers have been an important part of protecting the perimeter of territories, towns, villages, private property – and increasingly more common today, construction sites. Perimeter security for construction sites is designed to keep intruders out, protect tools and equipment, and to protect the public from injury.

Construction companies use perimeter security not only for the safety of their workers, but to also control the flow of authorized individuals in and out of the construction area. Property owners and construction organizations of all sizes use various access control technologies to achieve varying degrees of perimeter security from the smallest to the largest construction sites on the planet.

Beginning with the advent of electronic access control technologies, the concept of perimeter security has continued to evolve rapidly to include more modern, technological solutions like hand geometry readers and iris scanning devices. Today, access control technology coupled with turnstiles and climate controlled guard offices in a turn-key solution can be found on industrial and commercial construction projects from New York City to San Francisco and on around the world. 

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) provides unique perimeter security guard housing with turnstiles and access control technology on commercial construction projects. Our core customer base has been built over years of providing site-specific perimeter security solutions for commercial and industrial construction companies. Every perimeter security turnstile product we provide is driven by a commitment to provide quality products, excellent customer service, flexibility in design, and cost-effective solutions.

For more information on perimeter security and how Modular Security Systems Inc. can help you secure your site, CONTACT US HERE or call 740.532.7822.