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Perimeter Security for Commercial Construction Projects

The application of perimeter security on commercial construction projects is often ignored and not really considered a major factor in the construction process. Because of this, contractors on commercial construction projects are left open to the loss of materials, tools, and expensive equipment via theft and vandalism by on-site workers as well as criminals who see an easy target and take advantage of the opportunity. Losses from theft of tools and equipment, as well as time theft by workers on construction sites, have been increasing dramatically over time. Although the exact dollar figures are not easily available, many estimates for annual losses are in the billions in the U.S. alone.

In recent years perimeter security on construction sites has become a major concern for many commercial construction contractors and owners. The losses associated with theft on commercial construction sites can go so far as to cause jobs to finish late and over budget

How to curb the problem of theft on commercial construction projects is an increasingly popular concern and many major commercial construction contractors are developing jobsite security programs as a solution.

Given the diverse set of circumstances surrounding the many commercial construction projects out there, there is no universally accepted security program. The security solutions available need to be customizable for any given project. 

Because we understand the various site-specific concerns of each of our customers, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has worked to address our customers concerns one project at a time with our patented brand of perimeter security solutions – the Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and the patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal. By learning from the experiences of our customers over the years MSSI has helped design, engineer, and manufacture custom perimeter security solutions and helped reduce losses for our customers across the United States and around the world.

Modular Security Systems Inc.(MSSI) is at the forefront of portable perimeter security solutions using a wide range of access control technology, turnstiles, and vehicle barrier gates. For more information on MSSI and all of our access control options, CONTACT US HERE or call at 740.532.7822.