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MSSI's Turnstile Calculator Determines Number of Turnstiles Needed for Jobsiteturnstile flow calculator

Modular Security Systems' products are available in multiple sizes in order to work for both larger and smaller companies. Ranging from one turnstile to ten turnstiles, it can be difficult to guess how many you will need on your jobsite. You can either run the risk of not having enough for your employees to go through in a timely fashion or having too many and spending unnecessary funds. So, how can your company ensure it's getting the right amount of turnstiles? MSSI's turnstile flow calculator can help!


To try out the calculator, choose one of the following products to learn more about: MAC Portals, MAC Lite, or MAC Safe-T-Check™. Once you arrive to the product's webpage, scroll to the bottom where you will find the turnstile flow calculator. There, all you have to do is enter the number of users per shift change and the number of minutes for shift change in the designated boxes. Once you have done so, the calculator will compute the average throughput, peak throughput, and the number of turnstiles you need. 


Now that you know how many turnstiles your product needs for your company's size, our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you begin your journey to buy or rent it for your jobsite. They will assist you with purchasing options, integration options, and more. 


For more information on MSSI's products and how they can best serve you, fill out a form, call 740.532.7822, or email to speak to a sales representative today.