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MSSI: When, Where, & Why Do I Need Turnstiles for Security?

At Modular Security Systems Inc. we understand that not everyone everywhere sees or uses a turnstile on a daily basis, but turnstiles are becoming a part of everyday life for many. From subways to sporting events and concerts, to power plants and nuclear facilities and major commercial construction projects, turnstiles and access control solutions are popping up all over the place. 

Obviously, turnstiles are used for a number of security reasons. In this week’s edition of the Turnstile Blog we are going to take a look at when, where, and why turnstiles are needed in a wide range of locations for a number of reasons. 

When do I need a turnstile?

Turnstiles are needed when some sort of perimeter security is required, such as when you're trying to control traffic into or out of a location or event, or when potential risks of intrusion are inherent.

Where do I need a turnstile? 

Turnstiles are often needed at major sporting events, concerts, outdoor festivals, military installations, and major industrial and commercial construction projects, as well as at power generation facilities like nuclear power plants, refineries, and petrochemical facilities. 

Why do I need a turnstile?

Turnstiles are most often utilized for two reasons: safety and security. By integrating a turnstile solution into your perimeter security you can keep it secure and safe from the intrusion of unwanted individuals. Did you know that turnstiles can also help you save money? Turnstiles may also be used in combination with access control technology to help track employees’ time for payroll purposes, which helps prevent time theft and/or buddy punching. 

We would love to work with you to provide a turnstile security solution for you and your specific needs. For more information on our Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals and all of the perimeter security solutions offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. CONTACT US HERE or call us now at 740.532.7822.