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Today Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) hosted a meeting and tour of our manufacturing facility in Worthington, Kentucky. This morning the Ashland Alliance and the Community Leadership Development (CLD) program visited with Portable Solutions Group Companies MSSI and DropBox Inc. for a tour and presentation on the companies. The CLD was the first leadership program in the state and has been successful since its inception in 1979. CLD is the premier program for new employees, individuals who have recently relocated or returned to the Ashland, Kentucky area as well as for lifelong resident to make valuable business contacts and become familiar with business in the area.

Through different, behind-the-scenes visits to business locations, government buildings, education and cultural aspects of our community members of the CLD are able to learn more about the businesses in the Ashland area and get some insight into the types of companies they may otherwise been unaware were even there. Through presentations, tours, forums, speakers, field trips, and training exercises members become more familiar with their area and more in touch with businesses in the community.

MSSI was proud to be part of the days activities for the Community Leadership Development program and looks forward to have the program visit again in the future. 

MSSI is an Ohio based intellectual properties holding company with expertise in designing and manufacturing unique portable perimeter security solutions to address ever-changing worldwide security issues. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit and large public events.

For more on information on the Ashland Alliance and the Community Leadership Development program Click Here.

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