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MSSI Vastly Improved An Online Pet Supply Company’s Access Control System


           A leading online pet supply company providing pet food, pet prescriptions, etc., recently contacted the MSSI team with the need for improved traffic security at 17 of their locations across the country. Our popular VAC-2 with guardhouse and VAC-2 base were the answer. The VAC-2 base features two vehicle gate arms and the option for customization with a variety of access control packages. A VAC-2 with guardhouse features the same details as the VAC-2 base, with the addition of a climate-controlled guardhouse.

            The Company considered a stick-built vehicle access control system but ultimately opted to purchase 34 units from MSSI on account of the ease of setup that comes with the VAC-2, and consistency for each job site. This decision also greatly reduced operational disruptions, whereas stick-built projects can interfere with productivity. These units will be shipped to 17 different fulfillment centers across the nation. Several of these vehicle access control gates have already shipped, with the remainder set to be delivered over the span of the next two years.

            MSSI’s Shane Meadows says “The Company had a good idea of what they wanted to accomplish at each of their locations.  They had a very tight timeline of need for the first locations that were to roll out.  They were impressed with our willingness to work with their timeline and the flexibility of our product to provide exactly what they needed at each location.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with all the people from The Company from inception to the finalization of the deal for this project. They are a fantastic organization. “

            MSSI is pleased to work with The Company and their team. For more information on Modular Security Systems, Inc. or our Patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals, visit our website or call us at 740.532.7822.Chewy VAC2

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