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MSSI: Updated Turnstile Flow Calculator. How Many Turnstiles Do You Need? 

Just a heads up to all of you security-minded folks out there in the industrial and commercial construction world!

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has recently updated our Turnstile Flow Calculator! If you need to know how many turnstiles you need to maintain security on your construction site, but also allow for easy access for your approved workers, we have the right tool for you!

Based on just a few metrics you can quickly estimate the number of turnstile lanes you will need to get your workers through, clocked in, and at work in the time you allow for your shift change.

Simply go to our Turnstile Flow Calculator enter the number of workers you have and the amount of time you're going to allow for shift change, and the calculator will approximate the number of turnstiles you will need.

It's that simple!

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