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Patented Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal Solution for Perimeter Security

Access control for vehicles is as old as the vehicle itself. In general, access control has been around since the early days. In the days of horse and buggy transportation access control consisted primarily of fences and rudimentary gates. Today countless access control technologies and physical security solutions have been utilized to maintain vehicle access control.

Today when a security or project manager is thinking about controlling access to their construction project, they can basically choose between a permanent or temporary installation for vehicle access control. But with the portable Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal you can have the best of both worlds in a single solution. 

The patented VAC Portal has the flexibility to be utilized as either a permanent or temporary solution. Built from steel and delivered turn-key to your construction site the vehicle access control solutions offered by MSSI are durable, portable, and built to last. The VAC Portal once hooked to power can easily be integrated into any existing access control technology or be utilized as and stand-alone security solution. 

Our VAC Portal can be delivered in a wide range of floor plans with optional security features. 

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