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MSSI: The Patented Modular Access Control MAC Portal The Comic Book Part 3

It seems that in all facets of life the only constant is change. Setbacks, losses, successes, and wins are all part of the game. In my mind it's a ride, a roller coaster with all the ups and downs you could want. In both business and personal ventures, the descent into the valleys can often result in coming out on the other side and reaching great heights. Turning challenges into opportunities to learn, these experiences over a lifetime become the wisdom hopefully all of us eventually find. Plans are a great thing – but the ability to adapt when things change is almost as important, if not more important, than the plan itself. 

Part Three of our patented MAC Portal Comic book picks up right where Part Two left off. Rick and his team at We Build It Corporation in Chicago have received the quote from MSSI. The crew at We Build It is getting closer to beginning their major project but, as with all plans, sometimes there are changes.

Will Kevin and MSSI be able to help create the perfect perimeter security solution for Rick and his team or will this whole project go off the rails?

We hope you enjoy Part Three of the patented Modular Access Control MAC Portal Comic Book CLICK HERE.

Again, a huge thanks goes to Megan Coffey for her editorial support and positive encouragement throughout this project.

I'd also like to thank Kevin Harrison, Mason Slagel, Masa Kato, Ben San Juan, and of course the star of the show, Benny Jordan! Thanks folks! 

Stay tuned for Part Four! 

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has installed a wide range of portable perimeter security solutions for customers on construction sites in the US, Canada, and around the world. Utilizing access control technologies, turnstiles, vehicle barrier gates, and climate-controlled guard offices, we have helped revolutionize perimeter security on construction sites around the world by providing customers safe, secure, and sustainable perimeter security solutions.  

MSSI is providing modular, turnkey, perimeter security solutions for a sustainable, safe, and more secure world.

For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc., the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, and the new MAC Lite, CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.