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Perimeter security is no longer solely a concern for military facilities, government offices, and other hard target sites. Since 9/11, advancements in access control technology and changes in the cost of security solutions have pushed perimeter security to grow in both scope and objective. Like never before, there is an increased focus on perimeter security for construction projects at industrial and commercial sites, as well as ports and harbors. With an increased risk of attack on infrastructure, traditional access control systems and physical barriers like turnstiles and guard booths play an ever-growing role in perimeter security solutions. Analytics such as those found in access control technologies have allowed an increase in security coupled with reporting and time-keeping functionalities. This evolution of security and security concerns has led to the creation of portable perimeter security solutions like the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal.

Combining access control technology, turnstiles, and guard booths into one portable unit, the patented MAC Portal has made the installation of physical barriers turn-key and easy to install. With the ability to integrate the Patented MAC Portal into existing security systems or to act as a stand-alone unit, virtually any access controlsoftware and/or hardware may be integrated into these portable perimeter security solutions. With the increased sophistication of access control technology available to security customers and its combined integration into the Patented MAC Portal, MSSI has been able to change the world of perimeter security on construction projects at power plants, refineries, chemical plants, major ports and harbors, and commercial construction projects such as those found at the Freedom Tower in New York City and the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada.

MSSI, perimeter security, perimeter access control, perimeter turnstiles, perimeter barrier, MAC Portal, Turnstile, Turnstiles, patented MAC Portal, access control, access control turnstilesMSSI has also been able to push the envelope even further by integrating alternative power sources for patented MAC Portals. Though the use of solar power remains a specialty, the technology has allowed MSSI to integrate solar panels into portable perimeter security solutions such as the patent-pending Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portalfor customers in remote locations.

The wireless installation (no need for the unit to be tied into traditional power sources) has opened the door for customers around the world to utilize the expertise of MSSI and our portable perimeter security solutions in the most challenging environments. For these customers, the installation of a portable perimeter security solution with its own power source is faster and easier to install on the front end than having to dig trenches for hard-wired installations.

The ever-evolving world of security has led to the need of an ever-evolving solution like the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal. The integration of a wide range of technologies has enabled MSSIto provide top-of-the-line portable, turn-key perimeter security solutions to the market like never before. Customers who once focused primarily on internal security in their facilities are now looking to the perimeter as their first line of defense. Not only has this focus increased, but also the technology that resolves the concerns has advanced and is more reliable than traditional methods. The patented MAC Portal and MSSI give security-minded customers the peace of mind to get the portable perimeter security solution they need to sleep peacefully at night and work undeterred throughout the day.

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