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MSSI: The Importance of Perimeter Security & Vehicle Gates

There is a growing importance for vehicle gates and perimeter security on commercial and industrial construction sites around the world. Every year construction projects lose millions of dollars in equipment and tools to theft and unauthorized individuals making their way onto job sites. 

Security gates have an essential role to play on both industrial and commercial construction projects. The purpose of a vehicle access control gate is to provide assurances that only authorized individuals can physically access construction sites that have countless amounts of tools and equipment readily available. In the majority of applicable construction settings, industrial quality gates can be placed at the entrance, where access is granted only to authorized vehicles.

Depending on the size of the construction site there may also be a need for additional gates and additional entrances, some that may be specific to deliveries of building materials. An example could be an entrance for authorized workers or management with vehicle access permissions and another for larger trucks, cranes, or heavy equipment. 

Due to the flexibility of design the Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals like those offered by MSSI can be used for both the entrance for smaller trucks as well as larger trucks and equipment. Our patented VAC Portal was designed with three major elements in mind: vehicle access control, turn-key installation, and portability to be moved from jobsite to jobsite as needed throughout the life of the unit. The turn-key aspect and portability make it the perfect solution for commercial and industrial construction projects. 

Our VAC Portals have been used at commercial construction projects, military installations, mines, power plants, and other industrial construction plants.   

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