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Perimeter security solutions require a precise definition of the requirements needed for each specific location tailored to meet the needs of each customer. A custom solution built out of collaboration with security-minded customers and vendors alike can mean the difference between a secure site where construction is completed on time and under budget and a site where money and time are lost to stolen tools, equipment, and time.

In this week’s edition of the Turnstile Blog we will look at the three main components of any successful perimeter security solution. In doing so, we will discuss:

1) Knowing the importance of controlling foot and vehicle traffic flow.

2) Perimeter security solution configurations.

3) Perimeter security access control configurations.

The importance of controlling foot and vehicle traffic flow.

Jobsites across the U.S. and around the world lose millions of dollars per year due to tool and equipment theft. Jobsite tool, equipment, and material theft continues to be an issue hindering the construction industry every day. Without the appropriate security solutions in place, unattended construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Even in the daylight hours, when work is underway, theft on construction sites continues to plague unsecured projects. Power tools, hand tools, heavy machinery, and recyclable materials such as copper are often the most targeted items. Based on a study by the National Equipment Register (NER), heavy equipment theft has been on the rise in recent years with 11,625 thefts being reported to law enforcement in 2014 alone.

The cost of being the victim of construction theft runs deeper than just the value of the items stolen. You also must factor in the delays in work, the cost to replace materials, renting or replacing equipment and tools along with the increased insurance premiums that will be incurred. The importance of controlling foot and vehicle traffic flow on and off construction sites is easily understandable. 

Perimeter security solution configurations.

Every jobsite is different, and with every jobsite comes a specific set of security obstacles to tackle. In 2018, a wide range of solutions are available to security professionals. From simple chain-link fences to guard booths, turnstiles to vehicle barrier gates, RFID card readers to biometric access control devices, CCTV and more, the options for security on your construction site are almost limitless. 

Based on a risk assessment of your site’s specific security concerns, security companies like Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) can partner with you to better understand the solutions needed to resolve your specific security concerns. Sometimes it's as simple as dropping a guard booth in a fence line, and sometimes it's not. But rest assured, regardless of your security concerns, the security solution with the specific configuration needed is out there. 

Perimeter security access control configurations. 

With the right hardware, fencing, guard space, turnstiles, vehicle gates, and security guards in place the only other consideration is what kind of access control technology your jobsite requires. To find the right access control solution it is important to first decide what you want your access control technology to report or do. Some of the simplest access control technologies grant access to a location or through a gate, and do little more. More complex technologies can track employee’s movements for time-keeping, payroll, and mustering reports in the event of an emergency. Knowing what you want to be able to achieve with your access control technology will go a long way in determining what will work best for your specific site. 

What level of security is required with your access control technology? Some access control technologies function solely on the swipe of an RFID card, but we all know that RFID cards can be passed back and forth between different people. If your security requires more stringent access control technology, finger printing, vascular pattern identifiers, palm readers, iris eye scanners, or any combination of these can also be deployed. 

We hope with this week’s Turnstile Blog we've helped you better understand the world of perimeter security solutions. At the end of the day, every site is different in some way.  Therefore, so should be the security solution needed to resolve security concerns. By utilizing a custom perimeter security solution on your construction projects, you can rest assured that they can be completed on time and under budget.

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