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MSSI: The 4 F's of Physical Perimeter Security for Commercial Construction

Physical perimeter security is often overlooked on commercial construction sites, but a robust physical security plan can be an important part of dramatically improving the overall success of a construction project. If you are involved in planning or facilitating a major commercial construction project the work force, tools, and building equipment likely consume much of your construction budget. However, relatively small investments in physical perimeter security can provide significant protection to a project’s assets and reduce costs regarding loss of time, time theft, and insurance claims. Proper physical perimeter security solutions can serve as a valuable line of defense against many different construction project concerns. 

In this edition of the Turnstile Blog we'd like to help commercial construction professionals understand the need for physical perimeter security by discussing the 4 F's of physical perimeter security for commercial construction projects. Those 4 F's are Frighten, Find, Forbid, and Fortify. 

Awareness of (and implementation of) the following can help reduce the overall cost of a construction project and improve its' efficiency: 


One of the key components of any perimeter security solution is to frighten criminals from even attempting to enter your construction site. Applying the right physical security solution around the perimeter will typically require the use of easily visible security structures and signage that make it obvious to anyone approaching the perimeter that they are not allowed to enter without prior authorization. Physical perimeter solutions like fences, lighting, guard houses, turnstiles, and vehicle barrier gates help to create that overtly frightening message to unauthorized individuals.


To monitor large groups of people and expansive construction sites, it is important to find possibly unauthorized intrusive individuals and to keep them from entering the site. Using turnstiles, access control technology, and surveillance cameras, physical security personnel can easily and effectively find and identify both authorized and unauthorized individuals to allow or deny their entry to any commercial construction project. In the event of an emergency, the proper access control technology can also help create mustering reports and find individuals’ time and attendance for payroll purposes. 


The objective of any physical perimeter security solution is to allow the easy entrance/egress for authorized individuals, and to forbid the entrance of unauthorized people. To perform these functions, a physical perimeter solution typically has technology such as access control hardware and software integrated into a turnstile or vehicle barrier gate along a fence line at entry points around the perimeter. 


The fortify aspect of a physical perimeter security solution is multi-layered, and it attempts to frighten, find, and forbid across the board when it comes to any theft or intrusion. Physical security solutions that are fortified utilize a wide range of tools at your disposal to keep construction sites safe and secure so that work can be completed in the most optimal environment. This final “F” of physical security is all-encompassing and includes everything from the physical structures (such as guard houses, turnstiles, vehicle barriers), to the software (like access control technology), to personnel (security guards). 

The Key to a Secure Commercial Construction Site

In general, the utilization of the 4 F's in physical perimeter security on commercial construction projects can save money, save time, and even save lives. The key is to keep unauthorized individuals out and allow authorized workers in with ease to create a healthy, safe, and secure work environment. This holds true for all types of construction projects (industrial, commercial, and infrastructure-based, etc.).

To effectively control the security of your construction site requires detailed planning because of the variety of operating conditions a security solution will encounter, but rest assured that with the right plan and implementation in place, your construction site can be safe and secure for your personnel – and your pocket book. 

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