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When it comes to security risks on major industrial and commercial construction projects there is a long line of liabilities that concern owners and contractors alike. The most common security risk of intrusion is what's known as "tailgating" or "piggybacking" which is when one individual is allowed access to an area through an access control system but is followed immediately by an unauthorized individual. This act of tailgating can often go undetected, as the legitimate user will hold the door for the unauthorized individual, unaware that they are not actually allowed to be in the restricted area of the facility. This security risk can easily be minimized through the installation of a portable turnstile unit integrated with access control technology like those offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI). 

The second most common risk in dealing with industrial and commercial construction project is loss or theft of tools. Over a billion dollars in tools and equipment is stolen every year from construction sites around the U.S. Without proper perimeter security solutions in place, thieves can access a construction site and simply walk or drive away with any number of tools and equipment. Fully implemented access control technologies integrated into turnstile and vehicle gate systems like those offered by MSSI can significantly reduce the loss of time and money associated with tool and equipment thievery.

The third most common security risk is found in payroll and time-keeping functions on major industrial and commercial construction projects. The act of "buddy-punching" is when one employee clocks another employee in for work when in fact that employee is not on the job site. Through this act millions of dollars are lost every year paying employees that are not working but are merely getting punched in by their buddy. Similar to the loss of tools and equipment, this theft of time and money adds up fast and can significantly hinder the bottom line of a construction project. Through access control technologies like those offered with all portable perimeter security solutions from MSSI, buddy-punching can become a thing of the past. Utilizing up-to-date access control technology for time-keeping and payroll purposes, MSSI customers have been able to save millions of dollars on their construction projects through accurate reporting of time worked by employees.

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