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MSSI: Perimeter Security for Major Industrial Power Generation Projects

With the ever-growing need for energy, many power generation facilities are going through major upgrades to improve the efficiency of their power plants. For the most part, job site security at these locations is top of mind, and extra measures are being taken to increase perimeter security systems. On-site security for major outages, new construction projects, and a wide range of various long-term projects are major concerns for many invested in the industry of power generation.

Driven by the ever-increasing demand for more efficient clean power, many of these companies extend the size of their work force on site by up to ten times the normal daily staff. This increase of workers creates a need for an increase in job site security and time-keeping capabilities. 

Through the accuracy of the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal as a perimeter security system, many companies have found that they experience a significant drop in lost or stolen time, which the American Payroll Association estimates is 10 percent of a company’s gross income.  

Using the patented MAC Portal, many construction projects have drastically increased on-site perimeter security and timekeeping capabilities. By adding a patented MAC Portal in the fence line of a site entrance, no one can access the now-secured area without scanning identification first and being clocked in. The patented MAC Portal can also prove very useful in emergency situations. Through the use of its time-keeping abilities, instant mustering reports can be run to give an accurate account of employees clocked into an area of concern.

Increasing the job site’s perimeter security and safety the patented MAC Portal often pays for itself on many major projects in a relatively short amount of time. 

More information on the MAC Portal can be found online at or call us now at 740.532.7822.