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MSSI Secures Major Industrial Construction Projects Around the World

Modular Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) and the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) have quickly become the perimeter security and access control staple for time and attendance at power, petroleum, and chemical plants across North America and around the world. Our turnkey MAC Portals with access control technology consist of climate-controlled guardhouses, high-security turnstiles, and customer-specified access control technology. In addition to turnstiles and access control our MAC Portals can also be fitted with other security features like surveillance cameras, metal detection and explosive detection equipment if site security requires that level of technology.    

The MAC Portal is a plug-and-play access control solution that comes equipped with state of the art ID verification like biometric iris scanners, fingerprint readers, palm readers or simple proximity card readers.  

Our customers choose MSSI and the patented MAC Portal because they can pick the type and level of technology that they would like installed in their MAC before it ships to their site. Rapidly deploy-able and turnkey installation is the natural fit for major industrial construction projects in a post-9/11 environment where thousands of military base camps and job sites need additional security.   

Many North American plants have contractor entry gates and contractor parking lots that are not equipped with turnstiles or the needed access control in place at those plant entry points. Our patented MAC portals are the perfect fit and are therefore in high demand for refineries, chemical plants and large construction sites around the world.

Although initially developed with site security in mind, our patented MAC Portals are also being used for managing payroll when loaded with access control technology with gate-to-paycheck software.  

Many industrial customers use the MAC Portal when a plant is “manning up” for a large capitol project or turnaround maintenance project and expecting an increase in manpower for a limited amount of time. 

MSSI has quickly developed an impressive list of customers such as Sunoco Petroleum, Sunoco Chemical, Citgo, Marathon Petroleum, the US Air Force, US 3rd Army, US Pentagon, Jacobs Construction, KBR, Haliburton, Fluor Constructors, CB&I, Northup Grumman, Washington Group, and many others.  

For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc. and the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.