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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) engineers, designs, and builds a wide range of portable turn-key perimeter security products for industrial and commercial construction projects across the United States and around the world. By utilizing ISO shipping container modifications combined with turnstiles, access control technologies, and quality craftsmanship, we ensure that the security solutions we provide to meet all of our customers' perimeter security needs.

This week we'd like to use the Turnstile Blog to do just a wee bit of bragging and name some of the more recent customers, products, and projects we've been proud to be a part of around the United States.

Taking steps to make both major industrial and commercial construction projects more secure and safe for today’s workers, we here at MSSI would like to thank our business partners below: 

  • Lend Lease Brooklyn Methodist Hospital: MAC2-T purchase.  
  • BASF Freeport Texas: MAC2T rental. 
  • BuildingPoint Mid-America TCCO Data Center project for Springfield NE:  MAC2 purchase.
  • Markwest project to Evans City PA: VAC2E purchase.
  • CB&I Arden NC for the Asheville Combined Cycle Generating Facility: MAC6 purchase.
  • Lend Lease Silver Springs MD Ripley East project: MAC2T purchase.
  • Delta Terminal B project at LaGuardia Airport:  MAC2T purchase.
  • Whiting-Turner for Data Center project in Monk’s Corner SC: Custom MAC2.
  • Hathaway-Dunwiddie. Google Campus Charleston East Project: MAC4T purchase.
  • Holder Construction.  Mesa Arizona, Apple Manufacturing facility: MAC3 purchase.
  • Gemma Power for Medford MA project site: MAC2 purchase.
  • Trumbull Construction for Shell Franklin PA refinery site: MAC6 purchase. 

MSSI is an Ohio-based intellectual properties holding company with an expertise in engineering, designing, and manufacturing unique, portable perimeter security solutions using ISO shipping containers and turnstiles to address ever-changing security needs worldwide. MSSI sales and core market segments include worldwide ports, worldwide refineries and petrochemical plants, military installations, global industrial contractors, mass transit and large public events.

For more information on MSSI, our portable perimeter security products, and pricing CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.