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MSSI: Perimeter Security Gates for Construction Projects

In terms of perimeter security, a solid perimeter fence and the access control gates you use could mean the difference between a profitable project and a delayed, over budget project. The perimeter security gate you use can make all the difference in the world, and the ability to move the gate as the project progresses can give you the flexibility to let the security of your site evolve as needed.

Simply put, a movable gate can allow entry at one location of your project, and when necessary it can then be moved to another location. Without a gate, there would be no exit or entry past the perimeter fence you've established around your construction project. 

The gate itself could come in many forms. The key requirement being that it can lock out unwanted individuals while allowing authorized individuals to easily access the construction site. Controlling foot traffic to your site is essential, but if you are planning on taking vehicles past the perimeter security, it may also be ideal to add a vehicle gate. For gates that will control access of vehicles, a movable gate may also be required on larger construction sites where heavy equipment may need to enter and exit the site. Sometimes a swinging fence will work, other times a guard and a vehicle barrier arm makes much more sense

An effective perimeter security solution means focusing on security and convenience for both your workers and the delivery of much needed tools, equipment, and building materials. However, the level of security you implement should not be sacrificed for convenience and a lackadaisical approach to controlling access to your construction project. 

If you are in need of perimeter security solutions that are easy to use for authorized individuals and impenetrable by unwanted intruders you've come to the right place, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI).

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