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MSSI Offers Updated Spec Sheets for Perimeter Security Customers

At Modular Security Systems Inc. we know that a safe and secure construction perimeter can make a world of difference when it comes to both cost-efficient and time-efficient project completion.

Our patented MAC Portals include a turn-key "all-in-one" design meant for security professionals, to monitor and track workers and visitors as they enter and exit the site. Used in conjunction with access control technology, the patented MAC Portals’ turnstile lanes and climate-controlled guard houses can help projects meet regulations and conform to safety requirements.

To help answer pre-purchase questions regarding our perimeter security products, MSSI and our in-house team of engineers/CAD draftsmen have worked diligently over the course of the last few weeks to create and update new spec sheets for our customers. The new and improved spec sheets can be found on any of the patented MAC Portal pages found at 

Updated info on the new spec sheets include:

General Features:
Approx. Shipping Weight
Approx. Footprint (L X W)
Approx. Shipping (L X W X H)
Approx. Overall (L X W X H)

Lifting Methods:
Bottom Corner Blocks
Top Corner Blocks
Fork Lift

Approx. Dimensions (L X W)
Cooling Capacity / BTUH
Heating Capacity / BTUH
Heating Watts
Wall / Ceiling Insulation
Entry Door with Window

Turnstile Bay:
Lane Style
Roll-Up Doors

Electrical Data:
Lighting Technology
Load Center Main Amps
Demand KVA
Demand Amps

We encourage potential customers to visit the page of the MAC Portal(s) they are interested in and click to download the new spec sheets as well as a sales set of drawings. 

Stay tuned to and the Turnstile Blog as Updated Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals will be updated soon!

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