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In today's world of elevated security concerns, high-profile construction projects more often than not require top-level security. In recent years, these concerns have led to a dramatically greater reliance on companies like Modular Security Systems, Inc. (MSSI) and products like our Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal to alleviate security needs. 

Patented MAC Portals from MSSI are built from repurposed standard ISO shipping containers made of 16 gauge COR-TEN weathering steel. These containers are used for international shipping, hold up to 67,000 pounds, and may be stacked up to nine containers high.  Because of their design and specifications they are standard sizes, sturdy, and versatile enough to be modified into the Patented MAC Portal.  The Patented MAC Portal features full-height turnstiles, motion sensors, and state-of-the-art, client-specified access control technology.

The MAC Portalis the epitome of functionality, integrating with any commercially available security software system to generate reports, track workers’ time, prevent tool theft, and issue payroll records when required.

Several different types of access control systems are available for use with the MAC Portals, including proximity cards, radio frequency identification cards (RFID), hand geometry, iris scanners, and more.

MAC portals have successfully protected high-profile construction projects in major cities across America, as well as in 55 countries on six continents.  Among recent, notable projects:

  • New York’s One World Trade Center/Freedom Tower, one of the most critical security construction sites ever, which created more than 10,000 construction jobs.
  • Hudson Yards, the largest development in New York City since the 1931 construction of Rockefeller Center. The Hudson Yards project employed more than 23,000 workers, and the MAC Portals kept track of every one of them.
  • The $200 million Trump International Hotel project inside Pennsylvania Avenue’s Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington, D.C.

MAC Portals are installed directly into a perimeter fence at the construction site. The MAC Portal’s size turnstile security, MAC Portal, security turnstile, Turnstile, Turnstiles, patented MAC Portal, Modular Security Systems Inc, portable turnstile, turnstile rentaland portability allow it to be shipped to a plant site or commercial project and quickly be installed without the need for heavy machinery. The MAC Portal’s portability means it can easily and quickly be relocated to a new entry/exit point when a plant’s configuration needs to change or when the work shifts.

Electronic time cards log and track workers’ time. Enhanced accountability eliminates stolen time and saves construction projects millions of dollars a year.

MAC Portals can be manufactured with a wide range of floor plans – from one to ten individual turnstile lanes, access control technology, and the option for a guard house – depending on your site-specific needs. Guard houses are climate-controlled, and include overhead lighting, counter space, electrical outlets and CAT-5 communication connections.

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