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Modular Security Systems Incorporated (MSSI) is leading the way to a more secure world, one turnstile at a time. The company’s patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal is a standard shipping container modification, built from 16 gauge COR-TEN weathering steel containers that are built to hold 67,000 pounds, and be stacked nine containers high. These containers aren’t built specifically for MSSI; they’re built to be packed full of TVs, Blu-Ray players, or whatever else is being shipped to the US. After being unloaded of their goods, the containers are usually stacked in a port or a lot and left unused.

Unused, but not useless. While some businesses are built on thinking outside the box, MSSI’s business is built on Reinventing the box; that is, taking what others see as a single-use container and reconfiguring it and giving it multiple, pragmatic purposes for contractors the world over. We repurpose these containers by cutting openings, installing full-height turnstiles, and state-of-the-art client-specified access control technology. With MSSI ingenuity, “the box nobody wanted” is transformed into a high-tech gateway capable of generating mustering reports, tracking worker time, preventing tool theft, and even cross referenced against payroll records. The MAC Portal installs quickly and easily, and because its shape is a standard container size, MSSI can transport the MAC Portal anywhere a semi-truck or cargo ship can go.

Standard MODULAR ACCESS CONTROL (MAC) Portals can be configured to accommodate a wide range of floor plans with anywhere from one to ten individual turnstile lanes, access control technology, and the option for a guard house, depending on your site-specific needs. The guard houses in these units are climate-controlled, include overhead lighting, counter space, electrical outlets, and CAT-5 connections.

• Patented in the US, Canada, and the EU
• New Container
• Customizable Floor Plans
• Full- or Half-Height Security Turnstiles
• Access Control Technology/Hardware
• High Security Solid Steel Doors
• Integrated Access Control Systems

• Portable access control gate helps lower your total construction costs
• “Gate To Paycheck” technology helps reduce administrative costs
• Eliminating fraudulent timekeeping results in a significant payroll cost savings
• Turnkey guard office with turnstiles for contractors on job sites
• Helps mitigate tool theft at the job site
• Custom options provide contractors with flexibility to adapt to a wide range of floor plans

For more information, visit or call 740.532.7822.

About Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI)

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) is an Ohio-based intellectual properties holding company that specializes in engineering, designing, and manufacturing unique portable perimeter security solutions out of ISO shipping container modifications, turnstiles, and access control technology. The company currently holds patents in the United States, Canada, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt and the European Union. MSSI recently hired its 100th employee.