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MSSI Customer FAQ Top 10 Perimeter Security Questions - DID YOU KNOW?

1. What is perimeter site security? How does my jobsite accomplish this successfully?

  • Perimeter site security is how your organization ensures unwanted/non-authorized visitors or intruders do not end up in places they should not be inside your workspace. 
  • MSSI ensures your jobsite can restrict or deny access based on lack of credentials, subpar training certifications, jobsite restrictions, etc.
  • MSSI can partner with you by gathering the proper jobsite information, your specific site needs/requirements, and ultimately recommending the proper patented MAC Portal product to give you the confidence that compliance will be in full force. 
2. Why do I need a turnstile on my project or jobsite?
  • Lots of answers for this one including: Limiting/reducing/eliminating exposure/risk/liability to your project, ensuring the safety and security of all the workforce on the inside and to the general public on the outside, assistance with payroll accuracy, as well as restricting unwanted guests from walking onto your project when no one is looking. Many of our customers utilize us to remain compliant for Local Law 196 or other site-specific regulatory obligations.

3. What is the cost of a turnstile?
  • MSSI completely customizes every solution offering based on the different factors involved. Ask us for more details.
4. Does MSSI offer a full turnkey solution with provided Access Control systems?
  • Yes. MSSI, if needed, can offer a full turnkey solution with dedicated Access Control Software, monitoring and reporting capabilities, along with a patented MAC Portal turnstile unit ensuring your perimeter site security needs are met and exceeded.
5. Customers sometimes experience “sticker shock” with MSSI costs. Why?
  • Fantastic statement and one that needs context around it. Most of the time, folks fail to realize the scope of their project and the need for a larger budget for safety and security when they are doing their initial bids. Once they come to the realization that they need to procure a full professional security layout, for their organization as well as the end user’s best interests, they have already committed to a smaller budget than is needed.
  • The other important factor to include here is the cost of having an unauthorized person come onto the site and either get injured or cause injury, not having the proper certifications to be onsite or having previous violations nobody knew about. What is the cost of reactively cleaning up a mess that could have been avoided? The time lost, money spent on recovery from the consequences of regulatory issues, and negative publicity to all parties could be incredibly expensive.
6. Who uses turnstiles? Where is the “sweet spot” to have a turnstile on a project?
  • End Users, General Contractors, Contract Managers, Security Integration Firms, etc. – anyone who is looking at ensuring a SAFE and SECURE perimeter to their worksite. 
  • The “sweet spot” to have a turnstile solution onsite has changed throughout the years. It used to be stated that our solutions were meant for the biggest jobsites only. These days, organizations are realizing that personnel safety via security tracking is a major priority whether it’s a $500 million new build or a $25 million renovation school project.
7. What is the lead time on getting a turnstile on my project?
  • Lead times vary, depending on a few factors including: are you looking for a standard unit or a customized request, what is the quantity of units desired, and what is the destination of the delivery? Most of our units are on-site ready to go within 1-6 weeks fully integrated and plug-n-play ready to go.
8. Do you lease/rent or only outright sell your products?
  • Great question! MSSI offers our customers the ability to rent or purchase, giving you the flexibility you desire on your project.
9. Are these engineered solution offerings with the patented MAC Portals for Commercial, Industrial, or Government/Military project use?
  • ALL of the above. You can find our SecuredByMAC Products all over the world on military bases, data center builds, healthcare venue builds, turnarounds/shutdowns/outage projects on industrial facility sites, etc.
10. What other products does Modular Security Systems Inc. carry to assist our organization?
  • We are glad you asked! MSSI also carries Vehicle Access (VAC) Portals to assist with motor vehicles coming in and out of site. Guard houses are another popular product line that we assist our customers with. Check us out at for further details on all our products including specification sheets, drawing layouts, and much more.
For more information on how to keep your next construction site safe and secure and to learn more about our access control partners CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.