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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) builds portable perimeter security solutions from ISO shipping container modifications that can increase security using access control technology and turnstiles. MSSI has built a wide variety of portable guard houses out of ISO shipping containers. Some with and some without turnstiles but all with the utmost attention to our customers' site specific needs and security requirements. Regardless of environmental concerns MSSI has been able to build custom portable guard booths for customers all around the world. From the blistering desert heat of areas of the world like the middle east to the extreme arctic cold of northwestern Canada MSSI has made the turn-key portable perimeter security solutions for some the biggest industrial and commercial construction companies.

Custom guard booths from MSSI are used to protect security personnel and employees at airports, manufacturing facilities, power plants, chemical plants, nuclear power facilities, major industrial and commercial construction projects as well as government and military installations. All portable guard booths from MSSI are manufactured from 16 guage corten steel, are full insulated, and fully climate controlled.

In addition to portable guard booths without turnstiles MSSI builds patented V-Series MAC Portals with turnstiles and access control technology. The V-Series MAC Portal differentiates itself from standard MAC Portals by giving our customers the ability to have a fully climate controlled environment that can be integrated with any number of biometric access control technologies. Coupled with access control technology and full height security turnstiles the V-Series MAC Portal is not unlike a Standard MAC and can be installed as a permanent or temporary addition to any fence line.  

The V-Series MAC Portal can be fitted with exterior facades to give it a more permanent look and feel. The fiber cement facades for the V-Series can come in a wide range of designs and colors giving our customers a permanent structure that matches the overall design of their existing facility. By adding the exterior facade to the V-Series MAC Portals an added level of aesthetics and insulation properties is achieved.

For more information about Modular Security Systems Inc. and all of our portable perimeter security solutions CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.