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Turnstiles might not be the most interesting topic of conversation you've ever come across or read about on the internet, but here at we bet we can tell you some things you never knew about them.

Fact 1) The word turnstile is derived from the word stile. Stiles were designed to allow farmers to cross over fences or hedgerows while keeping sheep and cattle in their place. These stiles actually looked a lot more like step ladders than today’s turnstiles.

Fact 2) The first use of turnstiles in their more modern form has been credited to Clarence Saunders who used them in his first Piggly Wiggly store in 1916.

Fact 3) Turnstiles were first used in Russia in 1958 when they were installed in the Moscow Metro Subway station.

Fact 4) The most common model of turnstile in the world is the “waist-high” or “half-height” turnstile. This style is commonly used in subways, major sports arenas, amusement parks, casinos, and other commercial businesses.

Fact 5) Turnstiles go by many different names. They’re also known as a baffle gates, turnstyles, roto-gates, high-wheels, and even "iron maidens" (by those expressing contempt for them).

Fact 6) "Turnstiles" is the title of the fourth studio album from Billy Joel. Released in 1976, the album cover features Mr. Joel standing at a turnstile in the New York subway.

The next time you pass through a turnstile on your way to work or into that stadium, think about these facts and remember where you heard them: right here at

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