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At Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI), perimeter security is our specialty. We specialize in the creation of turn-key, portable perimeter security solutions for customers concerned with securing their industrial and commercial construction sites. While working with customers around the world, MSSI has been able to focus on providing the perimeter security solutions needed to address many different perimeter security concerns. In this weeks' edition of the Turnstile Blog we will be utilizing our years of experience in the security industry and illustrating the 5 Tools Everyone in the Perimeter Security Industry Should be Using. 

1) Fences. Fences have been used throughout human history to divide land and to keep animals and/or people in our out of certain places they wanted to secure. Made from a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, stone, steel, and concrete, fences are the perfect beginning to a perimeter solution to keep unwanted people out of an industrial or commercial construction jobsite.

2) Turnstiles. Once you've got your fences in place, you have to be able to allow the people you want on your jobsite to have access to your jobsite. Turnstiles are another piece of a complete perimeter security solution to grant site access to only authorized individuals. Turnstiles help to hinder theft of equipment and have the potential to save millions of dollars a year in lost time and tools.  

3) Vehicle Gates. Deliveries will often need to be made on any construction project. In order for tools and equipment to be delivered securely, some type of vehicle gate should be required. By installing vehicle barrier gates, a jobsite can control the flow of vehicles into and out of a particular area. 

4) Access Control Technology. Access control technology is a must with regards to perimeter security on industrial and commercial construction projects. The right access control technology can not only help improve security, but may also help a company track employees’ time and attendance, produce mustering reports in the event of an emergency, and help with payroll functions.  

5) Guard Houses. Guard houses on jobsites can give your security team a place to work that is out of the weather and fully functional with all of the equipment they need to maintain security. Guard houses may be customized with windows for a 360 degree view of the security professional’s surroundings, monitoring the perimeter and housing access control technologies. 

At MSSI, we have found the implementation of these 5 tools will save industrial and commercial construction companies a plethora of worries on the jobsite. 

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