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5 Security Solutions to Consider for Your Construction Project
It is estimated that over $1 billion is lost or stolen from construction sites around the United States each year. Through the loss of equipment, tools, and stolen time, thieves are able to cost construction sites on countless construction projects – from the smallest residential sites to major industrial and commercial construction projects. 

This theft of equipment, tools, and man hours is of the utmost concern to all of us here at Modular Security Systems Inc. and to our customers in the construction industry. Traditionally thieves have considered construction projects “easy” targets when compared to more obvious robbery targets like banks, convenient stores, and gas stations. Many major construction projects are in open areas, in remote locations, and do not have the essential security of walls, fences, and/or people on watch 24 hours a day. The lack of 24 hour security and no local law within sight often means criminals can easily walk away with tools and equipment with little to no way to track the items they've stolen. 

Here is where Modular Security Systems Inc. finds its niche. 

By utilizing the proper security on your construction site, you can be assured no criminal will so easily walk away with the tools and equipment you need to get your job completed on time and under budget. In this week’s edition of the Turnstile Blog, we'd like to take a look at five of the most essential construction site security solutions you should be using.


This one might seem like a "duh" kind of suggestion, but believe it or not many construction sites don't even implement the use of fences and locks to keep unwanted people from entering the job site. Fences that surround a construction site aren't all that expensive and can be rented from a number of vendors around the U.S. Not only are they are a physical deterrent, but with the right signage, site managers can deter criminals who won't take the chance of climbing a fence or ignoring the "smile you’re on camera" sign. 


Have you ever walked right onto a construction project without even being approached by a security guard or having to pass through a secure turnstile or access point? No? Well, criminals have and do. Undeterred by an opening in a fence line and without having to produce identification granting them access to a construction site, criminals enter and exit construction sites everyday just "under the radar" and often walk away with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment. By utilizing turnstiles as security gates, construction sites around the U.S. are keeping their job sites safe from being entered by individuals who are out looking for stuff to steal. 


Without the most basic of vehicle barriers to deter vehicles from easily entering and exiting a job site, criminals can simply enter your site, load up their trucks with equipment and tools, and drive away. By installing a working vehicle barrier gate that can either be manned by a security guard or equipped with a camera and access control technology, construction site managers are able to save themselves lots of headache and worries due to theft, and due to the loss of time and money associated with trying to replace stolen items. 


Access control technology? What's that? Access control technology can come in a wide range of hardware and software solutions. From the tracking of employees for time and attendance to the tracking of tools and equipment that can easily be tagged with RFID chips, access control technology can not only prevent theft but also help in the incarceration of thieves who are "brave" enough actually steal your stuff! While the type of access control technology you select for your specific job site can vary from one job to another depending on the size and scope of your project, we believe it’s been proven time and time again that no construction site security solution is complete without the implementation of some type of access control technology. 


Understandably, not all construction project managers are willing to depend on access control, fences, turnstiles, and vehicles alone for the security of their construction site. Some site managers want to provide the actual physical presence of security guards at their site. Guard houses, guard booths, and guard offices make the perfect place for security professionals to do what they do. Climate-controlled and keeping guards out of the elements when necessary, guard houses may be equipped with access control technology, cameras, counter space, and any other security site requirement that a security guards need to keep construction projects safe and secure 24 hours a day. 

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