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Over the past 10 years semi trucks with flatbed trailers and roll-off trailers alike have made their way in and out of MSSIs Worthington, KY, manufacturing facility to deliver our patented MAC Portal to customers around the world. Our turnstile, access control, and shipping container modifications have been utilized to secure every type of perimeter from industrial and commercial construction sites to nuclear facilities and military installations. 

Once our units arrive, onsite installation is a cinch. The MAC Portal can easily be offloaded, hooked to power, integrated into an existing access control infrastructure, or act as a standalone system for payroll and time-keeping purposes. That's all it takes, and the MAC Portal is up and running protecting the perimeter of our customers sites. The portability and ease of installation make the patented MAC Portal the perfect solution for a wide range of perimeters. 

Although the patented MAC Portal is the most convenient and effective access control solution available, not all projects have the same scope and budget. That is precisely why MSSI offers two procurement options. The decision to purchase or rent is driven by many different factors: length of the project, available capital, depreciation vs. expense, etc. Some benefits of both are outlined below.

Full Customizable
One turnstile to 10 turnstiles, cameras, biometrics, or a communication mast, the MAC Portal can be custom built to fit your specific needs.

Turn Key - When you purchase a MAC Portal we will install the access control software of your choice and deliver a product that is plug-and-play.

Future Savings - The portability of the MAC Portal allows you to move it to the next job to experience the same cost savings time and time again at a lower initial cost than the tradition
al "stick-built" gate.

Rent: View Details of our Rental Program

No Capital Outlay - Get all the benefits of the MAC Portal without touching your capital budget.

Avoid the Capital Approval Process - By renting the MAC Portal you skip the headache and paperwork involved with capital expenditures.

Short and Long-Term Rental Rates - Some projects do not last long enough to justify a purchase so you can rent a MAC Portal for as little as
six months.

For more information on the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal CONTACT US via our online form submission.