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Access control is nothing new. Access control has been in use to help protect people and their property since the first caveman blocked the entrance of the cave in which his family slept. The situations in which access control technology have been used throughout human history, as anyone who dares to ponder can see, are wide-ranging and all-encompassing. Whether it was a big stone or piece of wood to block an entrance to a cave, a drawbridge or moat around a castle, or tall “walls” made of trees sharpened like pencils surrounding a fort, each access control technology solution of its time was implemented to protect people and their things. 

From the beginning of time through today, there has been and will continue to be a need to limit accessibility to some places for some people. 

So, what makes today's access control technology so much different than that first stone used to "close the door" on that cave? 

Well... much like that stone, today’s electronic access control solutions give security-minded folks the ability to restrict access to certain locations for individuals – but without all the heavy lifting. 

Since the 1960s, access control technology has been utilized to add or restrict entrances and to track people coming and going, and to do so in a wide range of manners. In the not-so-prehistoric early days of access control technology, a simple keypad was used to restrict certain areas. Shortly thereafter, RFID or simple magnetic swipe cards came into use. While there is now a wide range of biometric access control technologies available, magnetic swipe cards are still in use today.

Unlike that fort with the “spikey tree walls” one level of defense is no longer up to par for today's security standards. In order to meet the needs of modern day access control and perimeter security access control, technology has evolved into tools that allow you to create many layers of protection that can adapt to any security concerns – whether you are at a bank, a military base, or a major industrial or commercial construction site. That evolution and the ever-changing security concerns give reason as to why access control technology today has been developed to allow security professionals to update and maintain their chosen security solution(s) with just a few clicks on a keyboard or with a mouse.

Using biometric access control hardware that ties into access control software, security pros can keep all of their security solutions up to date, management can revise access control lists, times and attendance for payroll purposes, and grant a wide range of authorization levels for individuals quickly and easily – within just a few seconds. 

The access control technologies that involve biometric parameters don't require someone to keep track of a card, badge or PIN number. By scanning someone’s fingerprint, hand, the veins in their hand, their eyes, or even their face using facial recognition devices, the access control technologies available use identifiers that can't easily be lost or left on the kitchen counter at the house. 

These access control technologies and software solutions can perform tasks above and beyond simply granting access of an individual into a room. They can also help track an individual’s history of activity, create alerts if a door or gate is left open, and in the case of an emergency such as a fire, unlock to allow escape. 

Not only does today's access control technology give you peace of mind knowing the harvest won't be raided by the next village over, but it's also friendly to your pocketbook and can help save security-minded folks a lot of time and money. Unlike more traditional modes of perimeter security, modern day access control technologies can not only prevent theft, but can also help track employees for time and attendance – and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of building a 10’ perimeter wall of sharpened spikey trees. Access control technologies today are so easy to update and maintain that they can give customers a fantastic return on their investment.

Modular Security Systems Inc.(MSSI) is at the forefront of portable perimeter security solutions using a wide range of access control technology and shipping container modifications. For more information on MSSI and all of our access control options, CONTACT US HERE or call at 740.532.7822.