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Modular Security Systems Inc. Supports Security on Construction Projects 

The Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal

The Patented MAC Portal is a portable, turn-key perimeter security solution that can be integrated into your existing access control infrastructure or act as a standalone unit. The obvious physical presence of the MAC Portal on any job site acts as a warning sign to intruders and is visually off-putting to any potential thieves who look to buddy punch or manipulate the time-keeping system. When you combine the physical presence of the MAC Portal and its guard office and full-height, high-security turnstiles with a site-specified access control technology, the solutions offered by MSSI are a potent front-line deterrent against intrusion and theft on a grand scale. 

Key Features of the Patented MAC Portal:

Turn-Key & Portable Solution

Visual & Physical Intrusion Deterrent

Integrates with Existing Access Control Technology

Can Act as a Stand Alone Unit

Controlled Entry/Egress

Standard/Custom Options Available

Optional Climate-Controlled Guard Offices

Wide Range of Floor Plans with One to Ten Turnstile Lanes in a Single MAC Portal

In theory, a security guard continuously monitors the perimeter of a secure site, but with a Patented MAC Portal you can rest assured that with or without a guard onsite, unwanted individuals will not gain access to your construction site. MSSI takes pride in every Patented MAC Portal we manufacture right here in the United States. Our customers’ satisfaction with our patented brand of turn-key, portable perimeter security is guaranteed. 

Our portable turnstile solutions have been installed across the United States, Canada, and around the world in support of a broad spectrum of applications including:

Industrial Plants

Commercial Construction Projects

Military Installations

Power Plants, Refineries, Chemical Facilities


Modular Security Systems Inc. and the patented MAC portal are quickly becoming established as the portable perimeter security solution customers around the world rely on for the protection of their projects and installations. 

For more information on Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals, Custom Options, and all of the perimeter security solutions offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. CONTACT US HERE or call us now at 740.532.7822.