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MSSI and Turnstiles in a Shipping Container

Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has designed pedestrian entrance and exit gates using shipping containers and turnstiles for almost 20 years. Providing turn-key, portable perimeter security solutions for major industrial and commercial construction projects, high-security government installations, and a wide range of industries around the world, we've installed thousands of high security turnstiles. Our security products include turnstiles, vehicle barrier gates, the latest in access control technology, and guard offices that can be climate controlled to meet the needs of any environment. Our qualified CAD draftsmen and engineers have decades of cumulative experience in designing shipping container modifications for industrial and commercial construction companies and are sure to meet your security needs with a portable, turn-key product. MSSI will manufacture your portable turnstiles and access control solution to ensure entrance and exit of workers on your site is efficiently controlled.

Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal-Shipping Container with Turnstiles
Like all of our perimeter security products, our shipping container with turnstile invention, the Patented MAC Portal, is suitable for use in a wide range of locations, surroundings, and environments. The turnstiles we install in our patented MAC Portal are manufactured from the highest quality materials and can be implemented as part of a high or low security solution.

MSSI and the patented MAC Portal turnstiles we offer allow facilities and projects to control traffic flow in a safe, secure, and effective manner regardless of the location. Our specially designed perimeter security products include standard full-height, high-security turnstiles and customer specified access control technology. We know that not every security solution fits every security situation, which is why we allow customers to specify a specific brand of turnstile, access control, and decide what size of guard house is needed, if any. 

Our turnstiles, vehicle barrier gates, access control technology, and guard offices represent the highest operating reliability and can be installed as part of any perimeter security solution. Turnstiles and perimeter security solutions manufactured by MSSI are designed to maintain and secure foot traffic management and can provide reporting for time-keeping and payroll purposes. 

In addition to our stainless steel, galvanized and electrostatically powder coated turnstile options, MSSI can include battery backup and can be integrated with your current security access control system or act as a stand-alone unit.

For more information on MSSI, our portable perimeter security products, and pricing CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.