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Is Security on Your Construction Site a Concern? 

Perimeter security on construction sites is an important factor when it comes to completing projects on time and under budget. In order to be proactive and reduce theft or vandalism on jobsites, many commercial and industrial contractors look to invest in developing a jobsite security plan long before construction starts. As part of the initial planning phase of the project, budgets are often created to include perimeter security as a line item. Major contractors in the know realize that the amount of money and work it takes to implement a security plan may be minuscule compared to the losses that can result from the theft of construction equipment.

Contractors with years of experience take into account the specific security risks associated with their projects and the importance for perimeter security. Recognizing that potential problems of theft or vandalism exist on all construction sites, security-minded contractors can implement measures to reduce the risk of being targeted for construction site vandalism and theft.

Implementing a plan that includes portable perimeter security solutions like fences, lighting, and secure entry/exit points with access control technology like the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal have proven to save time and money on construction sites all around the world.

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