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How MSSI Restores Rental Units for New Customers


When Modular Security Systems, Inc. receives one of its rental units back from a customer, it can sometimes have wear and tear from things such as weather, being moved around a lot, etc. So, it's important to us that every unit from our rental fleet looks and works just as good as it did for the customer who received it prior. Therefore, our manufacturing team works hard to restore each and every rental unit to its original state.

When the units are returned from rental, an evaluation of the unit is performed to determine what is needed to be done before returning the unit to our rental fleet. Once the evaluation is completed, the unit is sent to the manufacturing floor to be cleaned, repainted, repaired.

After that, a complete unit function check is performed. The function checks include checking all electrical outlets, lights, heating/air units, and turnstiles for proper operation and safety of the equipment.

After the unit has had all the necessary repairs, the unit is inspected by Quality Assurance. Upon receiving a passing grade, the unit is then placed back in the rental fleet and ready for its next customer.

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