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Ineffective perimeter security permits unwanted visitors to your site, allows false time-keeping, inaccurate mustering report records, and slows the flow of authorized individuals in and out of your site. Ineffective security significantly increases safety issues and costs companies millions of dollars every year. Developing an effective perimeter security solution means considering a number of factors before arriving at and creating the end product. Although there are many different factors that may impact the effectiveness of a perimeter security solution, the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal created by Modular Security Systems Inc. can help you eliminate these concerns, saving your company time and money. 

Control the Flow of Foot Traffic In and Out of Your Project

The movement of employees, visitors, and contractors to your project or jobsite is a major concern for industrial and commercial construction. Without proper authorization and training before entry, individuals on the site may be unaware of the dangers inherent to construction work – dangers that may lead to injury or even death. In addition, the possible loss of expensive tools, equipment, and building materials due to the intrusion of unwanted visitors can significantly affect a project’s completion date and bottom line. With the turn-key, easy installation of portable turnstile security solutions like the Patented MAC Portal and a fence line, companies can stop unauthorized visitors and thieves dead in their tracks.

Track Visitors and Employees Through Access Control 

Without the proper authorization, the turnstiles in the Patented MAC Portal will not turn, so unwanted visitors will be unable to enter you project. Advancements in access control technology have lead to some highly sensitive and accurate technologies that are used to monitor and track employees’ time. These technologies can be used for payroll and mustering reports in the event of emergencies. Utilizing RFID scanners, card readers, biometric access control technologies (like hand geometry readers), iris scanning devices, and more, MSSI has been able to integrate a wide range of access control technologies into our patented MAC Portals. Once employees and authorized visitors have been registered in the system and are able to produce the required identification, the access control technology will allow the turnstiles in the MAC Portal to turn, allowing them to enter.  

Customize Your Perimeter Security Solution with Cameras and Guard Offices

In addition to the turnstiles and access control technology of your choosing, MSSI can provide Patented MAC Portals with climate-controlled guard offices and CCTV systems to suit your needs. If you need guards at your gate we can provide you with the space for them to both work and monitor site visitors as those visitors enter and exit your project or location. Don't have the need for guards but still want to keep an eye on things? We’ve also installed cameras on the patented MAC Portal that have the capability to record 24/7 – or to record only when motion is detected.

Whether you are looking to secure an industrial power plant, refinery, or chemical facility during an outage or project or you need to secure a major commercial construction project, MSSI has the portable perimeter security solution that you need to do the job. 

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