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Custom Exterior Facades & Turn-Key Perimeter Security Solutions

With customers in the industrial and commercial construction industry, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) does have a standard line of portable, turn-key perimeter security solutions, but we also customize our solutions to meet our customers’ site-specific needs. With a variety of projects over the years, the patented MAC Portal has taken on a wide range of floor plans, footprints, functions, and even exterior facade changes. 

Taking the customizable approach has lead us to relationships with customers around the world. In order to meet their needs, MSSI has come to reimagine and Re-Invent the BOX. We currently have on our manufacturing floor several examples of the custom options we have made available to our customers. 

On the floor this week we are completing construction on

  • a patented MAC Portal with a Nichiha exterior façade
  • a standard corrugated side panel MAC Portal painted in a customer requested brown
  • a custom "flat-panel" MAC Portal painted white with blue trim.

These patented MAC Portals, like all those before them, will be plug-and-play, turn-key perimeter security solutions that include climate-controlled guard offices and an exterior meant to please not only the function of security, but also to provide the aesthetic appeal the customer wants. By staying flexible and adapting the exterior of these patented MAC Portals to meet customers’ site-specific needs, we have been able to establish MSSI as the premier provider of portable perimeter security solutions for customers around the world, offering a wide range of custom options for our patented MAC Portals.

For more information on Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals, Custom Options, and all of the perimeter security solutions offered by Modular Security Systems Inc. CONTACT US HERE or call us now at 740.532.7822.