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Commercial Construction Looks to MSSI & the MAC-Lite for Site Security

Perimeter security for commercial construction sites is evolving, and to meet the demands of those changing needs, Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has introduced a new line of Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals. The all new MAC-Lite version of the MAC Portal was created specifically for commercial construction projects where foot-print, weight, and delivery of a standard MAC Portal may not be possible. Many commercial construction projects often take place in inner-cities and more urban environments where space constraints call for the need of a smaller, more compact version of our patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal with full-height, high-security turnstiles, and access control integration. 

The MAC-1 Lite with one full-height, high-security turnstile weighs 1,300 lbs and is 6'7" (W) x 6' (L) x 7'11" (H).

The MAC-2T Lite with a tandem turnstile (two turnstile lanes) weighs 2,300 lbs and is 6' (W) x 8'11" (L) x 8'5" (H). 

Since the introduction of the first 4-turnstile MAC Portal in 2004, MSSI has developed a standard line of patented MAC Portals ranging from 1 to 10 turnstile units. Focused primarily on industrial construction customers, the dimensions, design, and portability was perfect fit. Then in 2009, our “V” Series MAC Portals combined multiple boxes together to create vestibules on either side of what can be considered a standard MAC Portal for the nuclear power industry. By adjoining additional boxes to create vestibules on either side of one of our standard MAC Portals a, completely climate-controlled version was created to help nuclear power companies meet the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  

With new regulations like NYC Local Law 196, which requires commercial construction workers in NYC be up to date on safety training before entering a construction site, there is a big push for companies to secure their perimeters with access control technology and turnstiles.

Complete with either 1 or 2 turnstile lanes, access control technology, and a slimmed-down, lightweight design, the new MAC-Lite is already making waves in the commercial construction industry. The new MAC-Lite has already saved many commercial construction projects time and money, and has kept them in compliance with regulations like NYC Local Law 196. 

This new line of MAC-Lite patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals can save any commercial construction project time and money over the life of the turnstile product. 

For more information on Modular Security Systems Inc., our new line of MAC-Lite products CONTACT US HERE or call us at 740.532.7822.