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 Modular Security Systems Inc, MAC Portal, MSSI, turnstile, turnstiles, access control turnstiles, turnstiles in a container  Modular Security Systems Inc, MAC Portal, MSSI, turnstile, turnstiles, access control turnstiles, turnstiles in a container

One of the largest government providers of defensive equipment endorses Modular Security Systems, Inc. and the patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal for its capabilities and versatility.

The versatility of the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal and its' ability to be integrated with site specific requirements and access control software has earned the respect of a wide range of commercial and industrial construction entities across the United States and around the world. A new level of success has recently been reached with a very large customer.

Typically "standard" MAC Portals are built using turnstiles provided by a number of turnstile manufacturers including Boon Edam and Alvarado Turnstiles. According to David Johnson, US and international sales for MSSI, Inc. states, “more often than not we have customers that come to us with site specific needs and we are glad to do whatever it takes to provide the right product for the right customer. Whether it means incorporating a different brand or style of turnstile or access control technology it's important we have the capabilities to meet those needs.”

“After a major customer came to us looking for a specific type of turnstile and access control technology we had to seek additional vendors to land the sale but that doesn't stop us.”, commented Mr. Johnson after the successful sale of multiple sales of Patented MAC Portals and Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portals to various companies in northern Canada.

By partnering with different turnstile manufacturers like Boon Edam and Alvarado MSSI has been able to stay competitive and offer a wider range of portable perimeter security solutions to help customers meet their ever changing security needs. “Our ability to meet customer’s needs by involving them in the design process is what sets up apart from our competitors”, added Mr. Johnson. “By taking their site specific needs in mind, incorporating them into that design process gives them a feeling of ownership in the product and its' implementation".

For more information on how to Equip your project with a Patented MAC Portal with turnstiles and access control CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888.388.7768.