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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) has helped a number of industrial and commercial construction sites minimize potential loss and increase profitability with Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals. Portable perimeter security solutions like those offered by MSSI combine the security of full height turnstiles with access control technology that track employee time and attendance as well as discourage tool and equipment theft. With Patented MAC Portals built from ISO shipping containers MSSI can offer major construction companies these containerized perimeter security solutions with and without guard offices. Given the portability of MAC Portals major players in the industrial and commercial construction industry can utilize the added value of using a MAC Portal at one location for duration of a project and easily relocate it for use on another projects.

 MSSI, Modular Security Systems Inc, VAC Portal, vehicle barrier arm, vehicle barrier gate, portable perimeter security solution, portable perimeter securityBuilding upon the expertise of security administrators as our customers MSSI has continued to improve upon the MAC Portal as well as invent other portable perimeter security solutions like the (patent pending) Vehicle Access Control (VAC) Portal. The VAC Portal much like the MAC Portal is a portable perimeter security solution that can be used at one location and easily relocated to another site for utilization on multiple projects. The VAC Portal is very similar to the MAC in that it is customizable to meet the customers site specific needs but with a focus on vehicle access control as opposed to employee foot traffic. Utilizing the latest in ISO shipping container modification technology combined with access control software the VAC Portal is an all in one guard booth with vehicle barrier arms.

Both Patented MAC Portals and VAC Portals offered from MSSI can be equipped with solar power packages for added value. For more information on MAC Portals, VAC Portals and all of the portable perimeter security solutions offered by MSSI CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888-388-7768.