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MSSI,turnstile,turnstiles,Modular Security Systems Inc,access control,guard office with turnstilesOccassionally we'll get calls from prospective customers who understand the concept of using turnstiles as access control barriers on subways and for major sporting events, but have little experience seeing them in use in other more industrial locations. Once an understanding of the amount of time and money saved by implementing full height turnstiles and access control onto a job site is reached the proverbial light bulb comes on. Using a turnstile flow calculator that has been created to determine the number of turnstile lanes needed to accommodate any number of workers and shift change parameters MSSI has designed MAC Portals with as few a one turnstile lane up to ten turnstile lanes in a single unit. 

MSSI,turnstile,turnstiles,Modular Security Systems Inc,access control,guard office with turnstilesHaving worked with major industrial and commercial construction contractors on some of the biggest projects in the United States MSSI has helped sites save significant amounts of time and money through time keeping and tool theft prevention. 

Utilizing full height turnstiles in Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals MSSI has developed a deliverable access control solution that can be installed in any fence line. Working with site security and safety professionals MAC Portals from MSSI have been integrated with almsot every access control technology imaginable. From simple access card readers to the latest in Iris Scanning detection systems MAC Portals can be designed to tie into existing access control databases at a location or can be setup to act as stand-alone units. 

Modular Security Systems Inc. provides Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals that can be used as permanent fixtures at a specific location or be used at multiple locations via relocation and installation. MAC Portals purchased by major industrial locations have been used at multiple locations for added return on the original investment.

For more information on MSSI, the Patented Modular Access Control (MAC) Portal, turnstiles, and access control CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888-388-7768.