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Modular Security Systems Inc. (MSSI) builds Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals from ISO shipping containers modifications with turnstiles, guard offices, and access control technology. Most of Patented MAC Portals built by MSSI utilize full height, high security turnstiles but occasionally we get the customer request to install half-height or waste-high turnstiles and access control. Pictured here are images of a MAC-5 with half height turnstiles that will be used by Tutor Perini at the Hudson Shipyard in New York. Given the need for access control without the security of full height turnstiles this MAC-5 was custom designed to meet the site specific needs of the site and its users. This Patented MAC-5 has been installed with five half height Alvarado turnstiles and has two guard offices that are 8' x 14' in size. Like all Modular Access Control (MAC) Portals this MAC-5 half-height turnstile unit integrated with access control technology and is ready for use upon delivery. 

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For obvious security reasons both full height and half height turnstiles have their own specific place in the realm of perimeter security. Both types of units make sense for different locations based on their site specific needs but both come delivered, "plug and play" ready to be dropped in a fence line and start regulating foot traffic.

In many cases units like this model that utilizes half height turnstilescan be used at commercial locations, major sporting events, races, concerts, and other outdoor festivals.

MSSI has established a name for itself as a leading intellectual properties holding company that specializes in custom portable perimeter security solutions that can be used at a number of locations over its lifetime. By engineering, designing, manufacturing, and delivering portable perimeter security solutions that can be used in a wide variety of locations MSSI offers its customers an exponential return of the invest.

From major industrial and commercial projects, to ports, harbors, and military installations MAC Portals with full height turnstiles and access control from MSSI can be found all around the United States and abroad. security situation. For more information MSSI, the Patented MAC Portal, our Turnstile Manufacturing Partners and other Custom Options for your MAC Portal feel free to CONTACT US HERE, call toll free at 888-388-7768 and check back as our Turnstile Blog is regularly updated.